Functional underwear

Functional underwear

Tight multi-functional NanoBodix® underwear is designed for those who want to keep their body dry for the long term, need to quickly remove sweat from the skin while maintaining thermal comfort. It is suitable not only for sport, but also for work, leisure and traveling.

NanoBodix® AgTive scarves

NanoBodix® AgTive scarves

Multifunctional tubular scarves NanoBodix® AgTive MFS with wide use and excellent antibacterial properties. It will accompany you in all your activities in sports, work, leisure and on your travels where its features will excel.

We add new colors to favorite black and white: blue, green, red ...

Functional socks

Functional socks

We also produce functional antibacterial socks under our own brand NanoSox®. They are suitable for demanding work activities, but also for casual wear during sport, travel or tourism.

Individual adjustments

We adjust the cut and sew functional functional underwear to fit your body. We routinely make adjustments to the style of clothing for the handicapped.

Functional wear. Nanotechnology. Tailor-made.

Our company is a manufacturing and trading company that combines research and development in the area of nanotechnologies and owns technologically advanced textile production with a long tradition. We are specialists in permanently antibacterial, ie permanently odorless garments made of high quality, mostly polypropylene yarns containing nanoparticles of silver directly in the fiber.


We bring to the market and constantly develop revolutionary products, among which excel thermal insulation clothing, antibacterial knitwear, underwear, functional underwear and also socks under our own brands NanoBodix® a NanoSox®. All our products are manufactured in the Czech Republic and their high utility value will ensure their long-term and trouble-free use.

Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal. It is our honor and commitment to dress you ...



NanoBodix® AgTive multifunctional scarf - tailored

Quick info

Our own multifunctional scarf (tube) with wide use and excellent antibacterial properties.
With the taylor-made product, you can freely define the size and material used - for example, the color of the fabric, stitching.
On request it is possible to add the company logo and other details.

Product code: NBX MFS T

14,66 EUR incl. VAT
Gender Tailored
10 days
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Czech Republic, Slovakia, EU delivery

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