CleverTex® ESD garments are regularly certified according to the requirements of the ČSN EN 61340-5-1 ed.2 standard with a resistance value between two points.

Rp-p <1.1012 Ω

Permanent properties

We use polyester fibers in CleverTex® ESD garments with carbon microparticles. Both of these components are fixed combined in the fiber production process (spinning). The result is permanent antistatic properties. We have chosen the proportion of these fibers in such a way that even with frequent washing, the antistatic properties corresponding to the standard are preserved ČSN EN 61340-5-1 ed.2.

Made in Czech Republic

We guarantee top quality production and service. We focus on the needs of the customer with an understanding of his requirements. This brings with it many positive factors.

  • more colors and cuts individual adjustment of the cut deliveries from one piece flexible production
  • quality control

Individual adjustments

We adjust the cut and sew functional functional underwear to fit your body. We routinely make adjustments to the style of clothing for the handicapped.