Nanospol, a limited liability company, was founded in 2008 to participate in the emerging market for high-tech textiles. Since the beginning of its existence, it has presented its products as a complete collection of functional clothing. Initially, the company focused on knitwear, antibacterial socks for leisure and outdoor activities. As the first manufacturer in the Czech Republic comes to the market with anatomically shaped antibacterial socks with a distinctive design of the Czech shoe designer. This concept, a unique design coupled with advanced technical fiber and high-quality workmanship, has been the basic characteristic of NanoSox products - antibacterial socks.

Later, the company also focuses on antibacterial functional clothing. Thanks to the unique properties of NanoAgent knitwear (breathability, perspiration removal and permanent odorlessness), it is commercially used in shops with equipment for traveling and sports on motorcycles. Within a few months, the NanoBodix brand is a term for a large number of motorcyclists in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is a popular sponsor of motorcycle races and riders, champions of the Czech Republic.

The year 2010 brings a significant extension of the product range for the needs of customers. A white collection is created, outerwear and custom production solve entirely individual customer requirements. Nanospol differs from competing production by completely customer-oriented services, delivery of standard products directly from the warehouse, short delivery times and small quantities of products, guarantee of goods exchange and fast production of new sample collections. In the same year, Nanospol is sought as a supplier of customized products for the renowned brands Asolo, Genesis, Gemma, RV fashion, RockWay and others. The company establishes very important contacts at trade fairs and records the beginning of cooperation on export markets.

Since the beginning of 2011, it is clear that some products can no longer be subcontracted and the idea is to build up a sewing production facility. The construction itself is preceded by the idea of ​​taking over the required operation from the company of its subcontractor and Nanospol becomes a commercial and manufacturing company. In the first half of the year, the program of antibacterial functional clothing is again extended with color versions for summer sports and fitness, production and development is also focused on the creation of new clothing parts ...

The company wants to continue to enter the European and world market with innovative high quality garments with unusual added value. It plans the production of functional clothing for medical staff, hunting and hunting, outerwear for travel and sport. A certainty and a firm plan for the future are not only antibacterial, but ticks and insect clothing, fragrance, dirt-resistant, hydrophobic, but also black garments that do not attract the heat of sunlight. The company wants to develop and produce extraordinary textile clothing concepts. The current offer of nanotechnologies and other achievements of our partners in the laboratory will always be used ...

Individual adjustments

We adjust the cut and sew functional functional underwear to fit your body. We routinely make adjustments to the style of clothing for the handicapped.