The effectiveness of the Nano Med Clean filter against viruses has been confirmed by a certificate (VFE - Viral Filtration Efficiency) respected laboratory Nelson Labs in the USA. It is a thin fabric containing a nanofiber structure. Users can put it in a cloth drape to protect themselves all day long. It is light and highly breathable, so it makes breathing easier. Compared to other materials, the breathability reaches two hundred liters of air per square meter per second.

All production takes place in the Czech Republic. The effective time of the material is set at 12 hours. Compared to the competition, it differs mainly by the high degree of breathability, namely 200 l / m² / s.
Nanofilters are designed for insertion into textile drapes. The filter is CE certified and is registered at SÚKL as an accessory of a medical device.

Refer to Nelson Labs' VFE, BFE and PFE protocols and the Declaration of Conformity (CE) for reference.


NANO filter

Individual adjustments

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