WAKEFIELD, Massachusetts - June 13, 2005 - AgION Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of engineered antimicrobial solutions, today announced that its research efforts have demonstrated that ionic silver was found to effectively deactivate the human coronavirus strain 229E, a virus linked to SARS, during a laboratory study conducted by the University of Arizona. 

The study, led by C.P. Gerba, Ph.D. and K.R. Bright, Ph.D., tested various ionic silver and copper levels to determine if they were effective against the human coronavirus strain 229E, a strain commonly used as a surrogate for the SARS virus in laboratory research. The research demonstrated significant reductions of the virus within 1 hour (90 percent) and reduced virus levels to below the detection limit following 24 hours of exposure (99.99 percent).

“The research demonstrates that ionic silver has the potential to deactivate viruses in a relatively short period of time”

"These are very exciting results," said Dr. Gerba. "The fact that the ionic silver is effective against this human coronavirus strain suggests that it may also be effective in reducing the human SARS virus, which has caused widespread illness in numerous countries throughout the world. Since the compound is both safe and effective, there are countless potential applications."

This study supports previous findings from research on the human SARS virus and the feline coronavirus. A 2003 study by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention found the ionic silver completely deactivated the human SARS virus after 2 hours. In addition, a laboratory study conducted by University of Arizona in 2003 found the ionic silver deactivated 99% of the feline coronavirus within 4 hours.

"The research demonstrates that ionic silver has the potential to deactivate viruses in a relatively short period of time," said Jeff Trogolo, Ph.D., chief technology officer, AgION Technologies, Inc. "Studies have shown that coronaviruses can survive on surfaces for several hours - even days in some cases - so there is an exciting potential for the AgION technology to be developed into solutions which are used in the reduction of these viruses on contaminated surfaces."

The AgION antimicrobial compound is comprised of naturally occurring silver ions and a ceramic material called a zeolite. It is safe, long lasting and has proven effective against a broad range of microorganisms, including bacteria, algae, and fungus such as mold and yeast. AgION antimicrobials are used in a wide variety of applications and can be found in appliances, building products, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, medical devices, water filtration and delivery systems, food processing and packaging, and numerous other consumer, industrial and medical products. AgION's antimicrobial products are not currently registered with the Environmental Protection Agency to claim efficacy against the coronaviruses.