ESD clothing, footwear and equipment

Special protective clothing and equipment are an essential part of the equipment of workplaces with a risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD). Choose from the widest range of certified ESD garments in the Czech Republic. CleverTex provides potential users with a wide and comprehensive range of certified textile products based on quality, latest and comfortable materials.


The most important function of ESD clothing is to balance the electrical potential between a person and an electronic component sensitive to electrostatic discharge. This undoubtedly requires correctly selected materials and certification according to ČSN EN 61340-5-1. But there are several reasons to use ESD clothing.


We use polyester fibers with carbon microparticles in CleverTex® ESD garments. Both of these components are firmly bonded during the fiber production (spinning) process. The result is permanent antistatic properties. We have chosen the proportion of these fibers so that even with frequent washing, the antistatic properties corresponding to the ČSN EN 61340-5-1 standard are preserved.


In the Czech Republic, the complete production process of ESD clothing is underway, from the production of yarn, knitting, weaving, dyeing to the final design and assembly. You, as customers, can use an individual solution to which we are able to respond flexibly, and at the same time you get quality at the appropriate price level.

 Vzor prouzek


This variant is used for antistatic knits. Conductivity is only ensured in one direction. For this reason, it is necessary to use an antistatic thread to join the individual cutting parts during the ready-made processing in order to ensure conductivity in the other direction as well.

 Vzor mrizka


This pattern is applied to fabrics (coats, overalls). The maximum size of the CleverTex® garment grid complies with the relevant standards, which ensures perfect conductivity of the product over the entire surface and through the seams.

 Vzor nite


For products with a strip pattern, it is necessary to ensure conductivity in the longitudinal and transverse directions. That is why we use antistatic threads and thus ensure perfect conductivity in all directions, even through seams.



Each garment and shoe is marked with a distinctive yellow EPA or ESD symbol.

Značení ESD oděvů a obuvi


This standard addresses the requirements necessary for the design, assembly, implementation and maintenance of an electrostatic discharge suppression (ESD) program, which applies to the complete manufacturing process of all parts and assemblies with equipment sensitive to electrostatic discharge greater than or equal to 100 V. body (HBM). This standard describes the requirements for an ESD discharge suppression program where ESD sensitive components are handled. Such components are called ESDS.

The ideal condition to prevent any discharge can be achieved by connecting or electrically connecting all wires in the environment, including personnel to familiar ground or artificial ground. This creates an equipotential balance between all conductive objects and personnel.

CleverTex® ESD Certification

CleverTex® ESD Certification

CleverTex® ESD garments are regularly certified according to the requirements of the ČSN EN 61340-5-1 ed.2 standard with a resistance value between two points.

Rp-p <1.1012 Ω