B2B partnership

Custom production


We welcome partners for our sales network, distributors, merchant stores and e-shops.


Offer also to your customers:

  • stable brand and production
  • quality products
  • nanomaterials and technological innovations
  • results of research and development of materials and clothing
  • production and customization
  • branding and corporate custom products

Tell us something about your options and get:

  • partner prices
  • sales support
  • flexible and reliable service

The new B2B section for corporate customers: nanoagent.eu

In the new environment of the nanoagent.eu e-shop, you will find simplified settings for company purchases, products without unnecessary texts, a tabular display for a clearer selection of variants, prices without VAT at your agreed wholesale level.

We will also add special products intended only for wholesale and the possibility of ordering tailor-made production.


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