"The CleverTex® brand represents functional textile products with high added value. We incorporate new and in a way unique functional properties into our products beyond the expectations of our customers. ”

CLEVERTEX development
We do not lag behind and work on new research projects. Thanks to our high know-how, we create exceptional textile materials.

Functional textile materials require quality workmanship. We use proven production processes, certifications and practical tests for this.

CLEVERTEX solution
Meeting new requirements is an important part of our work. We are a partner for non-traditional and interesting textile solutions.

Termoprádlo Merino

Thermoregulating functional underwear - perfectly regulates the temperature, can cool and heat

  • two types of innovative materials
  • great sweat wicking
  • antibacterial
  • unique design
  • Ideal especially for hunters, foresters, fishermen, tourists and other outdoor activities

Inner layer

is designed for an exceptional feeling of softness and perfect removal of moisture from the body. Tencel® C material is famous for its fine structure and antibacterial effect. The hollow and specially shaped Thermo°Cool fiber ensures thermoregulatory comfort, enables better air circulation and efficient moisture transport, thus ensuring cooling of the body if necessary.

Outer layer

it consists of the finest 100% sheep wool of the MERINO type. Nature is simply perfect. Wool serves as an important and unrivaled insulation layer and moisture absorber. It can cool and heat and absorb moisture corresponding to up to 30% of its weight, without you knowing it on its surface.
It is also perfectly breathable thanks to its natural internal structure allowing the passage of water vapor. It chemically binds odor to itself and suppresses the growth of bacteria.


The top doubleface CleoreTex® thermoregulation underwear of the highest class has been specially developed for the perfect harmony of man and nature. Functional underwear is the first layer of clothing on the body and therefore an important condition for comfortable movement. It perfectly regulates the temperature. It can cool and heat.

Used material

Made of CleverTex® Merino material: 230 g / m2, 54% MERINO wool / 21% polyester Thermo ° Cool / 21% lyocell Tencel® C / 4% polyamide

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