"The CleverTex® brand represents functional textile products with high added value. We incorporate new and in a way unique functional properties into our products beyond the expectations of our customers. ”

CLEVERTEX development

We do not lag behind and work on new research projects. Thanks to our high know-how, we create exceptional textile materials.


Functional textile materials require quality workmanship. We use proven production processes, certifications and practical tests for this.

CLEVERTEX solution

Meeting new requirements is an important part of our work. We are a partner for non-traditional and interesting textile solutions.

 ThermoCool prádlo

Multifunctional thermal underwear

an exceptional product for thermal protection, suitable for work, sports and leisure

  • combination of two materials
  • transport of moisture from the body
  • antibacterial
  • flat seams

Multifunctional underwear is a combination of two innovative materials, developed for increased body protection in various activities and climatic conditions. Functional innovative thermoregulatory knitwear is the basis of clothing, which not only protects against the cold and cold, but also provides the necessary physiological comfort. The underwear can be used as a undergarment under basic clothing, as well as a separate first layer of clothing, thanks to fashionable ready-to-wear processing, e.g. using flat seams.

Front part

Polypropylene knit from silver-containing fibers, added directly to the fiber, ensures lasting antibacterial effects. At the same time, it continuously transports moisture (sweat) from the body.

Rear part

is designed for a great feeling of softness and warmth with perfect moisture transport. Tencel® C material is famous for its fine structure and antibacterial effect. The hollow and specially shaped ThermoCool fiber ensures thermoregulatory comfort.


The construction of the multifunctional T-shirt combines two types of materials. Antibacterial polypropylene on the front, which is breathable and ensures perfect transport of sweat from the skin. The innovative Porexil® ThermoCool / Tencel® C material is used on the back with a special combination of thermoregulating fibers made of modified cellulose and antibacterial fibers with favorable dermatological effects. Thanks to these fibers, the thermal comfort of your body is ensured, which is always dry and warm, even thanks to the double lumbar area and the significantly elongated back part.

Used material

Made of CleverTex® ThermoCool: 100 g / m2 - front part 230 g / m2 - rear part, 50% antibacterial polypropylene / 25% Porexil ® ThermoCool / 25% Tencel® C

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