"The CleverTex® brand represents functional textile products with high added value. We incorporate new and in a way unique functional properties into our products beyond the expectations of our customers. ”

CLEVERTEX development

We do not lag behind and work on new research projects. Thanks to our high know-how, we create exceptional textile materials.


Functional textile materials require quality workmanship. We use proven production processes, certifications and practical tests for this.

CLEVERTEX solution

Meeting new requirements is an important part of our work. We are a partner for non-traditional and interesting textile solutions.


Thermal insulation functional underwear - excellent insulation against the cold

  • special material with air ducts
  • innovative fiber for maximum comfort
  • antibacterial
  • transport of moisture from the body
  • unique design
  • Ideal especially for hunters, foresters, fishermen, tourists and other outdoor activities


The fiber has been developed for maximum thermal comfort with improved moisture permeability. With its flat shape and arrangement, it resembles an irregular brick wall, where instead of concrete there are air gaps, which creates excellent insulation against the cold. At the same time, the knurled surface of the fiber is great for transporting moisture from the skin to other layers. Excellent thermal insulation and breathability is also helped by the structure of the knitwear, where the loop (terry) alternates with air channels.


The underwear contains flat VILOFT® fibers (made of natural cellulose), which by their arrangement in the knitwear create air insulating micro pockets. Sweat drainage is ensured on the reverse side by antibacterial polypropylene. CleverTex® underwear has double knees and a lumbar area plus a significantly elongated back.


Used material

Made of CleverTex® VILOFT® material: 240 g / m2, 82% cellulose VILOFT® / 18% polypropylene antibacterial and thus permanent and unseparable protection against bacteria and subsequent odor. It will ensure you a feeling of purity for a long time.

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