Create valuable and practical textile applications that are a direct response to the current needs of society and individuals. All this with an emphasis on product quality, customer friendliness and mutual satisfaction. Support for the Czech textile industry in an effort to concentrate the majority of production activities in the Czech Republic.

"The CleverTex® brand represents functional textile products with high added value. We incorporate new and in a way unique functional properties into our products beyond the expectations of our customers. ”


The development of technology and especially electronics in recent years shows a clear direction for the future. From fashion to various functional features, we try to take the importance of dressing to a higher level. The CleverTex® brand is moving in the direction of special, protective and functional textiles, in which it builds on the solid foundations of VÚB a.s.'s own research and development. We build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with partners and customers. We do not resist new ideas and ideas that may sound like a utopia at first. We want the CleverTex® brand to be seen as an innovation in the world of functional textiles.


CLEVERTEX development

We do not lag behind and work on new research projects. Thanks to our high know-how, we create exceptional textile materials.


Functional textile materials require quality workmanship. We use proven production processes, certifications and practical tests for this.

CLEVERTEX solution

Meeting new requirements is an important part of our work. We are a partner for non-traditional and interesting textile solutions.

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