NanoBodix® Laser - functional clothing

Laser products are outerwear for sports and casual wear. They are conceived as clothes with an elaborate design. It wicks away sweat and thus contributes to a comfortable feeling even in the warmer months. They keep your body dry and odor-free. In summer, they do not form visible maps from sweat and are therefore predestined wherever you want to still look fresh. Their easy maintenance, non-irony finish and color fastness will delight you ...

The period of functional clothing also begins in everyday life and at work. Attractive design, elaborate details and a pleasant and light material - these are the basic attributes of the Laser product line. The material from which the products are sewn will pleasantly surprise you with their high utility properties and almost effortless maintenance.

It will accompany you in all your activities in sports, work, leisure and also on your travels, where its features stand out the most.

The used fine micropolyester fiber is almost non-absorbent, thus it transports your sweat to the surface of the knit, does not get cold on the skin and does not scratch and thus does not irritate the skin.

Silver, which is contained directly in the fiber polymer, actively reduces the growth of bacteria and thus provides permanent and long-term protection against odor. The active substances, ie silver ions, are contained in the entire volume of the fiber, they are safe and they do not cause allergies. You do not have to wash our products after each use and thus you actively contribute to the protection of the environment :)

Safety, function, weight and design - the four attributes that matter. Laser products are sophisticated garments for cycling and cycling. We use fine but strong polyester microfibres for the production and the created knit has a structure guaranteeing the transport of sweat. They keep your body dry and odor-free in an environment thanks to their permanent antibacterial properties and contribute to carefree use. The author's universal design of NanoBodix® is clearly visible and therefore does not blend in with the environment or the crowd.

Laser clothing for both men and women is characterized by many details that you will appreciate. Great quality Made in Czech workmanship will pleasantly surprise you.

Suitable for: sports and casual wear, work in a hygienic environment, travel and all sports activities in the halls, golf, cycling, running, Nordic Walking, leisure, relaxation.

Used material

Made of NanoAgent Laser material (100% micropolyester with nanoAg (silver nanoparticles) and thus permanent and indelible protection against bacteria and subsequent odor. It will ensure you a feeling of purity for a long time.

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