NanoBodix® Re-Agtor - sporty and colorful

Sports underwear that can respond very quickly to increased load. It is made of an integrated knit which combines the best properties of two functional materials - polypropylene and polyester.

Polypropylene in bacteriostatic treatment reliably transports moisture to the outer layer of polyester, which in cooperation with a specific knit fabric structure that increases the face area, evaporates this moisture very quickly into the surrounding space. Polypropylene, even at higher physical activity, keeps the skin dry and is very pleasant, non-allergic and resistant to fungi and bacteria.

The Re-Agtor range is designed for all of you who are accustomed to the quality and features of NanoBodix and want to enjoy your activities in your favorite color. It is particularly suitable for outdoor sports or increased physical activity at medium temperatures, such as spring and autumn.

Active bacteriostatic substances are contained throughout the fiber volume, are safe, do not irritate your skin and do not cause allergies.

You do not have to wash our products after each use and you actively contribute to the protection of the environment :)

The use of flat seams and overall high quality linen processing gives high durability and utility value. No need to wash after each use - it saves your time and wallet.

Used material

Made of NanoAgent Re-Agtor (60% polyester, 40% polypropylene treated with bacteriostatic substance) and therefore permanent and indisputable protection against bacteria and subsequent odor. It will give you a feeling of cleanliness for a long time.

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