NanoBodix® Still - functional clothing

Still products are outerwear for casual wear. They are designed as garments with sophisticated optics and complemented by a valuable but subtle embroidery. It removes sweat and thus contributes to a comfortable feeling even in the warm months. Keep your body dry and odorless. In summer, they do not create visible maps from sweat and are therefore designed wherever you want to always look fresh. Their easy maintenance, non-iron finish and color fastness will excite you ...

The period of functional clothing begins in everyday life and at work. Attractive design, sophisticated details and a pleasant and lightweight material are the basic attributes of the Still range. The material from which the products are made will pleasantly surprise you with its high utility properties and almost maintenance-free maintenance.

Suitable for: casual wear, work in a hygienic environment, traveling and all sports activities in halls, golf, leisure, relax.

Used material

Made of NanoAgent Still (100% polypropylene with nanoAg (silver nanoparticles)), providing permanent and indisputable protection against bacteria and the resulting odor, ensuring a long-lasting cleanliness.

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