NanoBodix® Wooler - functional clothing for the cold season

Wear warm ... This product line combines two very important requirements to keep our body warm in very cold weather - the polypropylene fiber backsheet instantly wicks sweat away from the skin and the merino yarn topsheet provides the necessary thermal comfort. Merino wool has an excellent ability to insulate the heat generated. For Wooler, you can find work wherever you need to stay warm, even if you don't exert high physical activity.

Underwear with excellent thermal insulation properties thanks to the combination of polypropylene and warm merino wool. It will find its place wherever there is no possibility of physical activity and in very cold weather. Silver nanoparticles actively destroy bacteria and prevent the formation of odors. Significant anatomical sophistication and non-pushing flat seams enhance user comfort.

Suitable for: extreme skiing, traveling on a motorcycle, working in a cold environment of warehouses and halls, hunting and hunting, fishing, winter sports and trekking, winter hiking and all other outdoor activities in winter and very cold weather.

Used material:

Made of NanoAgent Wooler (20% Merino wool, 80% polypropylene with nanoAg - silver nanoparticles) and therefore permanent and indisputable protection against bacteria and subsequent odor. It will keep you feeling clean for a long time.

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