NanoSox® Comfort - functional socks

Functional antibacterial socks for all of you who place high demands on the health of your feet and a healthy environment in shoes. Nanosox Comfort is designed for every type of footwear, for casual wear at work, office and leisure. Very well fulfills its function in sports shoes in cold but also in warm season thanks to a unique mixture of fibers.

Used mixture of fine fibers of mercerized cotton and technical fibers very well transports sweat from the skin, does not create a wet environment in the shoe, does not cool on the skin and ensures thermal comfort to your feet. The active substances, ie silver ions, are indiscriminate because they are contained in the entire volume of the carrier fiber, are safe, do not irritate your skin and do not cause allergies.

Individual adjustments

We adjust the cut and sew functional functional underwear to fit your body. We routinely make adjustments to the style of clothing for the handicapped.