Multifunctional tubular scarves NanoBodix® AgTive MFS and face masks NanoBodix® AgTive DRA with wide use and excellent antibacterial properties.

Fine antibacterial polypropylene or micropolyester fiber is complemented by elastic Lycra. It will accompany you in all your activities in sports, work, leisure and on your travels where its features will excel.

We add new colors to favorite black and white: blue, green, red, yellow ...

The fine fiber used is almost non-absorbent, which removes your sweat to the surface of the fabric, does not cool the skin and does not scratch and irritate the skin.

The silver, which is contained directly in the fiber polymer, actively limits the proliferation of bacteria and thus provides lasting and long-term protection. The active substances, ie silver ions, are contained in the entire fiber volume, are safe, do not cause allergies. You do not have to wash our products after each use and you actively contribute to the protection of the environment :)

NanoBodix® AgTive MFS

Individual adjustments

We adjust the cut and sew functional functional underwear to fit your body. We routinely make adjustments to the style of clothing for the handicapped.