CleverTex® PROKOP underpants long

Non-flammable functional underpants for the summer period intended for emergency clothing. More

Manufacturer: NANOSPOL Product code: CTX PR DSP

45,04 EUR incl. VAT

Non-flammable functional long underpants for the summer season designed under an emergency suit. Functional underwear forms the first thermal barrier and wicks sweat away from the body. Functional non-flammable linen is certified and meets the technical conditions issued by the Ministry of the Interior.


The General Directorate of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic issued a catalog sheet:

  • underpants - catalog sheet No. 952/11/F


  • The optimal combination of non-flammable modacrylic fiber and cotton ensures a high level of protection against heat and fire
  • self-extinguishing ability - carbonization of the material creates a barrier against flame spread
  • permanent non-flammable properties
  • high thermal stability
  • protection against burns - the material does not melt, drip even in direct contact with the flame
  • functionality - thermal insulation properties
  • excellent physiological comfort - absorbency, breathability, touch
  • dimensional stability, easy maintenance
  • designed for use in combination with non-flammable outer clothing


Composition: 60% modacryl FR / 40% cotton

Basis weight: 160 g / m2

Binding: rib knit


  • modacrylic fibers have a self-extinguishing ability
  • by carbonizing the material, it creates a barrier that prevents further spread of flame
  • modacrylic fibers do not show photodegradation
  • the properties are permanent and do not change even after repeated washing