NanoBodix® COLD BRAKER vest - men - Gender: Men, Color: Black, Size: XL

Extremely comfortable ColdBraker vest keeps you warm during any sport or work activity. More

Manufacturer: NANOSPOL Product code: NBX CB VSS cr XL

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Extremely comfortable ColdBraker vest keeps you warm during any sport or work activity.

The heat you create, especially in cold weather, should stay close to your body. The finely combed reverse side of ColdBraker keeps you warm. Thanks to the combination of robust polyamide and elastane elastane fibers, the ColdBraker range is comfortable to wear. The material is breathable, wicks sweat and moisture to the surface and provides thermal comfort. Even at higher performance your body does not overheat.

The dense knitting structure and smooth surface do not grip the sharp parts of the garment, it is resistant to "Velcro" and does not pellet. Quality material is complemented by flat seams and detailed workmanship with valuable embroidery.

Functional high-quality thermal insulating clothing made of ColdBraker knitwear - a four-way stretch-resistant, wear-resistant material. It is designed for your sports, outdoor or work activities, which you also want to perform in cold weather or when the temperatures vary significantly. It will very well serve as outerwear for slightly cold dry weather.

The ColdBraker front is smooth, does not adhere to dust and dirt, and does not absorb moisture. The back of the fabric is finely brushed, creating millions of thermal insulation spaces to keep your body in optimal thermal comfort.

The rugged polyamide fiber is non-absorbent and wicks your sweat to the fabric surface, ensuring thermal comfort to your body. Thanks to the combination of polyamide with a high percentage of Lycra is very flexible, does not interfere with movement, adapts very well to the body. The polyamide fiber is very tensile and wear resistant. These features allow the product to not peel and "stick" to Velcro.

Used material:

Made of ColdBraker (86% PA, 14% Lycra) Robust thermo-insulated, water-repellent knitted fabric of higher weight.

Technical details:

Extraordinary features of knitted fabric, sophisticated cut for men or women and sophisticated sewing details - that's ColdBraker. It protects your body from cold and insulates heat.

  • close fit anatomical cut
  • non-pushing flat seams
  • comfortable and lightweight material
  • wicks sweat and does not cool
  • quick-drying and dirt-resistant
  • resistant to mechanical wear
  • much stronger than cotton or other common technical fibers
  • high durability and utility value


Suitable for: all outdoor activities, traveling and outdoor activities in cold weather

We recommend this product as a second layer for antibacterial functional underwear in mild to cold weather (0/15 ° C) at low physical activity or in very cold weather (-10 / -20 ° C) at increased physical exertion.


Individual adjustments

We adjust the cut and sew functional functional underwear to fit your body. We routinely make adjustments to the style of clothing for the handicapped.