NANO AGENT AGTIVE MATERIAL - Special polypropylene/polyester yarn knitwear treated with a permanent antibacterial antiviral additive based on silver ions. It is effective against the growth of bacteria and viruses and unpleasant smell for hygienic freshness. It is harmless for humans and the environment.


PROLEN® SILTEX is a special  polypropylene yarn treated with a permanent antimicrobial additive, based on silver ions.
PROLEN® SILTEX is effective against the growth of bacteria and reduces the activity of viruses, helping so to reduced unpleasant smells and keep hygienic freshness.

The antibacterial effect of silver has been known already for many centuries. Silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria, reduce unpleasant smells, keep a biological balance of your skin and set hygienic freshness to the product during sports and leisure activities. Due to the fact that the bacteriostatic agent is applied to the core of the yarn and not to its surface, it doesn`t migrate from the fabric and permanently remains in it even after multiple washing. Except for antibacterial activity, Prolen® Siltex has high antiviral activity.

PROLEN® SILTEX has been created for underwear, sports garments, workwear, socks, filling material for shoes, bedclothes, lining and upholstery to protect in environments which require high hygienic standards.

Certificates and Test Reports

The antibacterial properties of Prolen® Siltex  are confirmed by laboratory tests according to the AATCC TM 100: 2012 standard (tested for Escherichia Coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus > 99% reduction)

The antiviral properties of Prolen® Siltex are confirmed by test protocol according to ISO 18184: 2019 (tested against SARS-CoV-2 with reduction >99% and Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 with reduction > 99%).

PROLEN®SILTEX fulfills the requirements of Oeko-tex® Standard 100, Appendix 6 – class 1- baby articles.



Trevira Bioactive forms the basis for fabrics with permanently bioactive properties. These properties prevent bacteria multiplying in or on the fibre and so improve hygiene.

Advantages at a glance
Contains an active substance with permanently antimicrobial effect
Inhibits the growth of bacteria in and on the fibre
Proven to have no effect on the skin flora
Tested for compatibility with the body
Increases and improves cleanliness
Lends a feeling of freshness
Inhibits the microbial development of odour in textiles

Trevira Bioactive properties
The familiar functions of Trevira fabrics, such as their low pill, elastic, hard-wearing, breathable or heat-regulating properties, remain unchanged. But now they’re joined by a welcome new addition to the team  – Trevira Bioactive’s antimicrobial effect. The antimicrobial function is created through the use of bioactive Trevira fibres. Trevira Bioactive textiles made with these fibres contain built-in protection against micro-organisms. Trevira Bioactive fibres protect textiles through minimising the growth of bacteria in and on the fabric.

Effects that last forever
Unlike products that are given post-production treatments or finished with substances likely to migrate into the environment, Trevira Bioactive has an antimicrobial agent which is firmly integrated in the fibre polymer. This additive has a permanent antimicrobial effect.

Tested for certainty
Comprehensive tests carried out by independent external laboratories have proven that bioactive Trevira fibres have an antimicrobial effect, demonstrating that the bioactive component prevents the exponential growth of bacteria populations on the fibre surface. In an extensive long-term study, the Hohenstein Institute has also shown that Trevira Bioactive textiles are kind to the skin. The antimicrobial effect is restricted to the fibre surface, as substantiated by tests carried out for skin compatibility and cytotoxicity, where there was no evidence of skin cell damage. The skin flora and other physiological skin indicators did not show any significant changes through contact with Trevira Bioactive. And as a textile, Trevira Bioactive naturally also offers all the advantages of tried and tested Trevira fibres.