The effectiveness of the Nano Med Clean filter against viruses has been confirmed by a certificate (VFE - Viral Filtration Efficiency) respected laboratory Nelson Labs in the USA. It is a thin fabric containing a nanofiber structure. Users can put it in a cloth drape to protect themselves all day long. It is light and highly breathable, so it makes breathing easier. Compared to other materials, the breathability reaches two hundred liters of air per square meter per second.

Despite the convincing results of domestic nanotechnology research and the promising potential in industrial applications, a new coronavirus aroused genuine interest in nanoproducts.

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The promising means of protection, the unique and highly effective material AntiMicrobe WEB R with a virus detection higher than 99.9%, was developed by the technologist Marcela Munzarová, co-author of dozens of patents and utility models. She has been involved in nanotechnology and the industrial use of nanofibers for fifteen years, and has been developing this material for about a year.

"I started this whole project more than eighteen months ago. The original intention of the Nano Medical company was the production of medical devices. Who knew half a year ago what would happen! It was only with the progression of covid-19 to the pandemic stage and the worldwide lack of protective equipment that we expanded our original intention to include the production of material for medical masks. Material with such high efficiency will not be created in a day. Everything requires long-term tests, confirmations, certifications. The result of our efforts is Nano Med Clean, which reliably protects its user and is comfortable to wear. You don't have bruises on your face in the evening, skin reactions, it doesn't weigh a kilogram and you can stay in it all day, "explains Marcela Munzarová.

In May, Nano Medical took over a new industrial building of a production plant with a total area of ​​1,500 m2 in the Liberec industrial area. In a short time, it brought the main technological equipment here and equipped quality testing laboratories and laboratories. Around thirty workers from Liberec will take part in the production. According to Marcela Munzarová, at full capacity, five to six million filters will come from production lines into drapes per month.

For professionals, the material will be used to make medical masks, which are disposable medical devices. The Czechia can thus have its own consumption of filters covered, in the highest quality. Without dealers, exorbitant prices and untraceable Asian producers.

Article TECH EDU 2/2020, Text: Věra Vortelová, Resuscitation NANO Czech


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