Our own NanoBodix® NANO AG-TIVE face mask with excellent antibacterial properties, reusable, washable, double layer with filter pocket and optional nose fixation.

NanoAgent material is the basis for anatomically designed and close-fitting functional drapes for men, women and children. The cut is maximally adapted to the body shapes. We produce in several sizes (XS to XL) from knits made of fine polypropylene or polyester containing silver nanoparticles. It wicks away sweat, guarantees comfort during sports, work and leisure, but also comfortable travel and cleanliness for a long time. The active substances, ie silver / zinc ions, are contained in the entire volume of the fiber, are safe, do not irritate your skin and do not cause allergies.


Our nano face mask and nano scarf products meet the standard EN 14683 + AC according to the requirements of the extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health of 22.2.2021, including the update to 1.3.2021 on the obligation to wear a respirator or similar respiratory protection device in the designated areas from 25.2.2021. 

We recommend choosing a product with nanofilters. For example: NANO veil AG-TIVE 3F 99.9% (2-layer with pocket and 3 filters) or NANO scarf AG-TIVE 3F (neckerchief with pocket and 3 filters). They are products made of materials and nanoparticles, antibacterial, two-layer.
By adding a nanofilter, you create a third layer and the drape / scarf provides protection against viruses, bacteria, allergens and smog.

Our veils are not made of fabric or home-made. We manufacture from proven materials according to the standards valid for protective medical devices.

All certificates, including the cited standards, can be found in the links in the product description or in the article: www.nanoshop.cz/en/certificates

NANO face masks

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NANO face mask NanoBodix® AGTIVE SPORT with a wide range of uses and great features, reusable, washable, adjustable, with a pocket for…
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NANO AG-TIVE face mask (2-layer with pocket)

NANO AG-TIVE face mask (2-layer with pocket)

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Our own NANO AG-TIVE face mask with excellent antibacterial properties, reusable, washable, double layer with filter pocket. The mask has…
CERTIFICATION - face mask & scarf - NanoBodix® AG-TIVE

CERTIFICATION - face mask & scarf - NanoBodix® AG-TIVE

NanoBodix® AG-TIVE face mask

NANO AG-TIVE face mask

and derived product types

meets all requirements according to ČSN EN 14683 + AC, the products have been tested according to ČSN ISO 10993-5 and the used materials, nanofabrics and nanofilter are bacteriologically and citotoxically harmless and according to our issued recommendations are safe for users

NANO.MED.CLEAN filter - certification

NANO.MED.CLEAN filter - certification

The effectiveness of the Nano Med Clean filter against viruses has been confirmed by a certificate (VFE - Viral Filtration Efficiency) respected laboratory Nelson Labs in the USA. It is a thin fabric containing a nanofiber structure. Users can put it in a cloth drape to protect themselves all day long. It is light and highly breathable, so it makes breathing easier. Compared to other materials, the breathability reaches two hundred liters of air per square meter per second.

Multifunction scarves and face masks washing and disinfection

Multifunction scarves and face masks washing and disinfection

Practical and proven procedures for washing, disinfecting and sterilizing NanoBodix® multifunction scarves and face masks

Nanoparticles - silver ions contained directly in the fibers of polypropylene / polyester fabric provide permanent protection against bacteria. There are are zinc pirithione nanoparticles - ions used in ElleGun and ReAgtor materials.

Repeated washing does not limit or reduce this antibacterial protection. It is important to use detergents with no or minimal perfume. The fabric softener must not be used to maintain all of the scarf or face mask.

After using an antibacterial scarf or face mask to protect the physical transmission of bacterial cultures, mycobacteria, viruses and spores, the product can be cleaned and disinfected (sterilized).