NANOSHOP is the manufacturing and trading firm uniting research and development in the field of nanotechnologies with its own technologically advanced textile production having long-time tradition. We are specialized in permanently antibacterial i.e. odour- free clothes made of high-quality, mostly polypropylene yarn containing silver nanoparticles directly in the fibre.


We launch and continuously develop revolutionary products, among which the following ones are worth mentioning - thermal insulated clothing, antibacterial knitwear, underwear, functional clothing, scarves, face masks and also socks under our own brands NanoBodix® a NanoSox®All our products are manufactured in the Czech Republic and their high use value guarantees long-time and troublefree use.

Your full satisfaction is our primary goal. We feel honoured and obliged to dress you...



nano AGtive

nano AgTIVE

  • containing silver (Ag) nanoparticles
  • for any activity
  • for active people
  • suitable for health and hygiene
  • long-term wear ability
  • solid, high quality and durable clothes
  • saves the environment and energy
  • we design tailor-made and take care after the sale


Funkční prádlo



NanoBodix® and NanoSox® products are made from unique textile nanomaterials and have revolutionary properties. With their permanent antimicrobial and antibacterial function, they maintain a odorless environment and you will have a long-lasting sense of hygienic cleanliness. Our products are odorless even for several days of wear and do not need to be washed after each use. Thanks to the top products you will always feel most comfortable and dry, protected from bacteria, sweat and odor for a long time.



Functional underware

Tight multi-functional NanoBodix® underwear is designed for those who want to keep their body dry for a long time, need to quickly remove sweat from the skin while maintaining thermal comfort. It is suitable not only for sport, but also for work, leisure and traveling. Anatomically engineered NanoBodix® linen uses unique technology. It is made of  polypropylene or polyester containing silver nanoparticles, which is more suitable for removing sweat from the body than natural textile materials.




Antibacterial socks 

We also produce functional antibacterial socks under our own brand NanoSox®. These anatomically shaped socks and knee socks are suitable for demanding work activities, but also for casual wear during sport, travel or tourism. They contain silver nanoparticles, are antibacterial and antifungal - so they suppress the action of bacteria, do not irritate, do not cause allergic reactions and prevent foot odor.

Návrhy úpletů



Knitwear design

For corporate customers who do not have their own sewing workshop or are insufficient in capacity, Nanospol also offers the possibility of processing their textile products. Thanks to our know-how, professional approach and exceptional processing we save you time and worries.



Wholesale (B2B)

We know that there are great demands on the wholesaler. Your customers expect precision, quality and competitive prices. We also know that great help for your business is a reliable manufacturer that delivers on time, keeps goods in stock and has a transparent pricing policy. We are such a manufacturer. Contact us.



Individuální úpravy


Individual tailoring

We adjust the pattern and sew functional underwear to fit your body. We supply oversized issues from 4XL to 9XL. We routinely make adjustments to the style of clothing for the handicapped. On request we can add company logo as print or embroidery.


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COLD BRAKER sweatshirt - menCOLD BRAKER sweatshirt - men

COLD BRAKER sweatshirt - men

within 7 days
from 72,64 EUR
Color BlackWhiteGreyBlueRedYellow
Extremely comfortable ColdBraker sweatshirt straight cut with stand-up collar keeps you warm during any sport or work activity.
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COLD BRAKER vest - menCOLD BRAKER vest - men

COLD BRAKER vest - men

within 7 days
77,73 EUR
Color BlackWhiteGreyBlueGreenRedYellow
Extremely comfortable ColdBraker vest keeps you warm during any sport or work activity.
We deliver to all EU countries

We deliver to all EU countries

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