NanoBodix® ElleGun

Underwear gets a new dimension - elastic and light functional underwear for all active men and women. Fine bacteriostatic polyester microfibre complements elastic Lycra. Thanks to its flexibility and sophisticated cut it closes tightly to the skin, wicks sweat away and keeps your body in optimal thermal comfort. When choosing the appropriate size and fit slightly shapes the figure while maintaining the breathability of the fabric. It is designed for underwear under all our types of functional underwear. It will accompany you in all your activities in sports, work, leisure and on your travels where its qualities stand out most.

The fine micro-polyester fiber used is non-allergic, breathable, quick-drying and does not cool the skin.

The silver, which is contained directly in the fiber polymer, actively limits the proliferation of bacteria and thus provides permanent and long-lasting odor protection. The active substances, ie silver ions, are contained in the entire fiber volume, are safe, do not cause allergies. You do not have to wash our products after each use and you actively contribute to the protection of the environment :)

Pleasant and lightweight material for the most discreet parts of your body. It is resistant to mechanical wear, actively kills bacteria and prevents odors. The sum of features makes it ideal for every day ... After use, it is not necessary to wash the product immediately, which you will appreciate most on your business or leisure trips.

Used material

Made of NanoAgent ElleGun 92% polyester with Ag (silver particles), 8% elastane and therefore permanent and indisputable protection against bacteria and subsequent odor. It will keep you feeling clean for a long time.

For any weather

For any weather

Suitable for: outdoor and indoor activities, traveling and staying in nature and other outdoor activities in any weather. For your comfort and well-being.