Antibacterial socks NanoSox®

We also produce functional antibacterial socks under our own brand NanoSox®. These anatomically shaped socks and knee socks are suitable for demanding work activities, but also for casual wear during sport, travel or tourism. They contain silver nanoparticles, they are antibacterial and antifungal - so they suppress the action of bacteria, do not irritate, do not cause allergic reactions and prevent foot odor.

Main advantages

  • They guarantee a pleasant feeling and comfort, promote proper blood circulation in the legs and keep them warm
  • Permanent antibacterial - protects the legs against discomfort, allergic reactions, mycoses, fungal diseases and more
  • Quickly wicks sweat and moisture away, is breathable, soft and elastic
  • They eliminate the formation of unpleasant odors - they can normally be worn for several days without washing
  • Reinforced heel and toe for long socks
  • They are anatomically shaped, have protective elements and ventilation zones
  • Attractive design by a Czech shoe designer
  • They contain silver ions for antibacterial properties, merino wool for softness, polyamide for high strength and elastane for flexibility and adhesion.

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NanoSox® AG-TIVE CYKLON socks white+color

NanoSox® AG-TIVE CYKLON socks white+color

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Functional antibacterial socks are designed for sports, travel or work in the cold as well as the warm period thanks to a unique mixture of…
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NanoSox® AN-ATOMIC socksNanoSox® AN-ATOMIC socks

NanoSox® AN-ATOMIC socks

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Functional socks suitable for exercise sports, traveling or working in colder weather.
Numbering and sizes

Numbering and sizes

Numbering and sizes

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NANO material: antibacterial polypropylene yarn

NANO material: antibacterial polypropylene yarn

NANO AGENT AGTIVE MATERIAL - Special polypropylene/polyester yarn knitwear treated with a permanent antibacterial antiviral additive based on silver ions. It is effective against the growth of bacteria and viruses and unpleasant smell for hygienic freshness. It is harmless for humans and the environment.