Tight multi-functional NanoBodix agtive® underwear is designed for those who want to keep their body dry for the long term, need to quickly remove sweat from the skin while maintaining thermal comfort. It is suitable not only for sport, but also for work, leisure and traveling. Anatomically engineered NanoBodix® underwear uses unique technology. It is made of polypropylene or polyester containing silver nanoparticles, which is more suitable for removing sweat from the body than natural textile materials.

To ensure optimum performance we recommend: always maintain the system of individual layers in cold weather:

1st layer - antibacterial functional underwear 2nd layer - thermo-insulating non-absorbent clothing 3rd layer - waterproof vapor-proof clothing
removal of sweat from the skin, temperature control, eliminates the reproduction of bacteria and subsequent odor transports water vapor away from the body, keeps it on the body, protects it from the cold releases water vapor from the thermal insulation layer, protecting against wind and external moisture or rain