AG-TIVE color t-shirt for kids


Color t-shirt AG-TIVE with exceptional properties suitable for outdoor sports or increased physical activity More

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K - kids
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Color t-shirt AG-TIVE with exceptional properties suitable for outdoor sports or increased physical activity More

Product code: NBX AG TKEShipping and Payment

NanoBodix® AG-TIVE color t-shirt with wide use and excellent antibacterial properties.

NanoBodix® AgTive NanoAgent material is the basis for anatomically designed and tight functional clothes for men, women and children. The cut is perfectly adapted to the body shape, keeping the shape and silhouette well. It is made of fine polypropylene knitted fabrics containing silver nanoparticles. It removes sweat, ensures optimum thermal comfort during sports, work and leisure, but also comfortable travel and a feeling of cleanliness for a long time.

Functional t-shirt for all of you who love sports and physical activities or travel. Also suitable for all physical activities in nature, trips or walks.

The fine polypropylene fiber used is non-absorbent, wicking your sweat to the surface of the fabric, not getting cold on the skin and providing thermal comfort to your body. The active substances, ie silver / zinc ions, are contained in the entire fiber volume, are safe, do not irritate your skin and do not cause allergies.

The silver / zinc ion nanoparticles contained directly in the fibers of the polypropylene / polyester fabric provide permanent protection against bacteria.

Silver / zinc actively reduces bacterial growth and thus provides permanent and long-lasting odor protection.

You do not have to wash our products after each use and you actively contribute to the protection of the environment :)

Used material:


85% - 100% polypropylene

85% - 100% polyester, micropolyester

0% - 15% elastane

possible admixtures to complement the properties of the fabric:

0% - 20% merino wool

0% - 50% cotton

it contains nanoAg - silver nanoparticles or nanoZn - zinc nanoparticles and therefore permanent and indisputable protection against bacteria and subsequent odor.

It will give you a feeling of cleanliness for a long time.

We participate in the development of new variants and consequently new products for ever more perfect clothes and accessories.

Technical details:

It actively destroys resistant bacteria and thus prevents odor formation. Made of comfortable and lightweight material, it dries quickly and resists dirt. The material is 9 times stronger than cotton, making it resistant to mechanical wear. The use of flat seams and overall high quality linen processing gives high durability and utility value. No need to wash after each use - it saves your time and wallet.

  • actively kills even resistant bacteria
  • prevents odor formation
  • close fit anatomical cut
  • non-pushing flat seams
  • comfortable and lightweight material
  • wicks sweat and does not cool
  • quick-drying and dirt-resistant
  • resistant to mechanical wear
  • 9 times stronger than cotton
  • high durability and utility value
  • there is no need to wash after each use


Suitable for: casual wear, sporting activities, traveling and all other activities performed throughout the year, designed for underwear under functional clothes, but also under work, office and travel clothes.

NanoBodix® AgTive NanoAgent products are recommended to be worn as a first layer every day - in any weather and any physical activity.